The Moso Bag is a highly functional air purifier that eliminates odors, freshens the air, neutralizes chemicals and absorbs excess moisture.

The Moso Bag was developed deliberately and systematically as a solution to a couple of problems. We knew there was a need for an effective and convenient air purifier for cars and we set out to develop one, not knowing much about the world of air purifiers and air fresheners. We learned a lot, very quickly—much of it having to do with the cocktail of toxic chemicals present in most air fresheners. We knew we had to change course.

We realized we were dealing with not one problem, but two: the desire to neutralize bad smells and the fact that the way many products accomplish this is harmful. We decided to create a highly functional air purifier that was completely safe for people and the environment. We are proud to report that we have done just that.

We searched the U.S. and abroad, looking for healthy options. We found Moso bamboo charcoal in China, where they call it “black diamond.” This product seemed perfect: eco-friendly, sustainable, affordable, and so safe that in parts of Asia people use it not only to purify their air and water; they also ingest it to help detoxify the body.

We conducted research and testing and found that bamboo charcoal works incredibly well to remove odors, remove bacteria and absorb harmful chemicals. On top of that, it is a natural dehumidifier, helping to absorb excess moisture and prevent mold and mildew.

The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag was introduced to the American market in August 2010 with considerable success. Since then, we’ve created additional products. We are helping rid the world of unpleasant odors, one bad smell at a time.



The Moso Bag is filled with just one ingredient: Moso bamboo charcoal. This incredibly powerful type of charcoal has millions of tiny pores and cavities that work like a magnetic sponge, attracting and absorbing particles from the air and leaving your space smelling clean and fresh.



Many air fresheners are filled with toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, petroleum and chemical fragrances, which can be carcinogenic and may lead to health problems. The chemical-free and fragrance-free Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag will naturally clean and deodorize your environment, allowing your family and pets to breathe safely



Our Values


We believe in being kind to people and kind to the Earth. 

We believe that small, positive changes in people’s habits and consciousness can yield major results for their health and for the good of the planet. 

We believe in positively impacting people’s health by raising awareness and educating consumers about toxins in many air freshening products.

We believe in creating great products that are eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable.

We believe in providing a fair, humane and remunerative working environment for our employees.