How to Use

On the patch, WRITE THE DATE that you opened the packaging. This way, you will know when to rejuvenate the Moso Bag every month and when to replace it after two years.
HANG OR PLACE IN AN OPEN AREA. It is best to keep the Moso Bag in an open space where it has access to the most air flow; do not place it under or behind furniture. We have designed the Moso Bag to be an attractive addition to your decor, so show that bag off!
At least once a month, PLACE THE MOSO BAG OUTSIDE TO REJUVENATE. It can be cold or cloudy; the Moso Bag just needs UV rays. Do not rejuvenate the bag through a window because the essential UV rays may be filtered out. Anytime you feel like it is losing its absorption power, just put it in the sun.

The Moso Bag will reach the end of its effectiveness after two years. Cut open the fabric with scissors and RECYCLE THE BAMBOO CHARCOAL into your garden or potted plant. Bamboo charcoal will enrich your soil and help plants to absorb nutrients and moisture.

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