So... What is a Moso Bag?

The Moso Bag is a new way to freshen your air. Instead of covering up odors with artificial fragrance, the Moso Bag actually absorbs the odor and eliminates it for good. It does not need batteries or wires to work, it does not smell like anything and has absolutely no chemicals in it. And it’s so easy to use! All you have to do is place the Moso Bag in your home and let the magic happen. Well, it’s not exactly magic; there’s actually some pretty serious science behind the bamboo charcoal inside but we can get into that later. Oh, and did we mention that it lasts for two years?

This is a Moso Bag.

The Moso Bag is a more compact replacement for bulkier, plug-in air purifiers and can be used in hard-to-purify spaces. Plus, we think it looks pretty nice so you will have no problem showing it off in your home. We created a few sizes and designs for different spaces of your home but it is all the same active ingredient- ionized moso bamboo charcoal.


No matter the size, our air purifying bags have a long list of features and benefits.

- Eliminates Odor (Pet, Food, Smoke, People)
- Removes Harmful Chemicals and VOCs
- Dehumidifies
- Fragrance Free
- Chemical Free
- Easy to Use
- Long Lasting
- Safe for the Whole Family

What's in the Bag?

We keep using this word Moso, but what on earth is it? Moso (moh-soh) is the type of bamboo that we use to make our charcoal, hence, moso bamboo charcoal. It's the only ingredient inside all of our air purifying bags and we're pretty jazzed about it. Each piece of charcoal has millions of tiny porous holes that are able to magnetically attract particles and absorb them out of the air. It may seem like the Moso Bag is just sitting there but it is actually working for you 24/7. Our charcoal is non-toxic and safe to use around children or pets. We love you Moso.


Traditional air fresheners frequently contain dangerous chemicals. The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is a safe alternative- effectively clearing the air without any chemicals or fragrance.
Moso bamboo charcoal is a multi-use, sustainable material. After two years as an air purifier, simply cut open the Moso Bag and sprinkle the bamboo charcoal into your garden or potted plant.
We control the entire manufacturing process to ensure that the highest quality moso bamboo charcoal goes into each Moso Bag. You will be owning the best charcoal air purifying bag on the market.

Which Size is Right for Me?

Each bag is measured by how many grams of bamboo charcoal are inside. The bigger the space, the more charcoal you will need. Our smallest sizes are the Fridge Bag and the Mini Moso Bags. You can use these in small items like shoes, drawers and bags. Next, is our very first invention- the 200g Moso Bag. Use this size in small spaces like a car, bathroom or closet. Speaking of cars... we designed a Moso Bag specifically for the car that has a sportier look. Next in our lineup, are our new standup Moso Bags. The 300 gram bag is used in similar areas to the 200 gram bag, but has a little more charcoal and stands up! Lastly, our largest bag- the 600 gram. This size also freely stands and should be used in larger rooms (up to 300 square feet) or more serious odor situations. Remember- the bigger the space, the more charcoal you will need - so some spaces will need more than one bag.  


What Is A Moso Bag

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